Friday, June 24, 2011

Longer hours this Saturday

We will stay open until 2pm this Saturday, June 25.
Mounts Garden is holding a tropical fruit festival that morning, so our extended hours will make it possible for festival goers to buy fruit after attending the event.

This Saturday's selection of mangos will feature Valencia Prides and a large first harvest of Kents. We also have a substantial amount of Carrie mangos, but this might be the last Saturday for Carries. Other varieties that we have a significant amount of include Duncan, Van Dyke, Choc Anon, Tess Pollock, and Florigon.

Because our grove is so close to the ocean, our mangos ripen earlier than those in the rest of the county. We have finished harvesting several varieties of mangos and all of our lychees, but we grow so many varieties that we will have great mangos to sell for at least another month. Also, in a few weeks, we will have carambola, sugar apple and jak fruit.

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