Thursday, May 30, 2013

Waiting for More Mangos

It seems we will not be able to supply enough mangos this week to meet all of the demand for them.  The season for our Nam Doc Mai is almost over, and we no longer have Florigon, Glenn, Lemon Meringue, Cogshall, Julie, Edward, Rosa, Haden, Baptiste, Tess Pollock, and DuPuis Saigon.  While we will have some Jakarta, Duncan, Gary and Nam Doc Mai, etc., other varieties are not yet ready to harvest.  We expect our harvests to increase dramatically in 2-3 weeks.

This Saturday there will be many dehydrated mango snacks available.  In addition to the mango roll-ups will be savory mango treats which contain seeds, rice and spices.

Also we might have Jak Fruit.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Open at 3pm Today, Wednesday, May 29

Because the weather is supposed to get nasty around 4pm, we will open at 3pm today (and stay open until 6pm).

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Notes on our Fruit Trees and Expected Harvest

Thank you for visiting yesterday!  It was wonderful to see so many new customers and so many familiar faces.  Unfortunately our supply of fruit did not quite meet demand, mostly because some of our core varieties have already finished fruiting and other core varieties are not yet ready to pick. 

Typically our mango season begins in late April with a few early-season varieties, peaks in late June and ends in late August/early September.  2013 has been a weird year.  The weather this past winter confused many of our trees.  Several varieties have been at least a month ahead of normal while others seem to be on a typical schedule.
Here's my best guess on availability of our mangos and other fruit...

Finished for the year
Philippine (did not fruit this year)
Dwarf Hawaiian
DuPuis Saigon

Available now and another crop possible in 1 1/2 to 2 months
Nam Doc Mai 
Bailey's Marvel (very few remain of first crop)
Edward (limited supply)
Zill Indochinese

Available for the next month or so
Mallika (just starting)
Madame Francis
Ice Cream (never many available)
Irwin (small crop)
Valencia Pride
Chocanon (past peak)
Van Dyke (just starting)
Stringies (almost finished)

Small second crop available in 1 1/2 months to 2 months
Lemon Meringue (PPK)
Tess Pollock
Haden (significant second crop, but fruit might be very small)

Main crop available in 1 1/2 to 2 months
Southern Blush
Bombay (small crop this year)
Alfonso (very small crop this year)
Palmer (very small crop this year)
Pram Kai Mea (very small crop this year)
Petegrew (extremely small crop)
Keitt (will probably last into September)
Zill (possibly slightly earlier)

(Several varieties not mentioned because they are being evaluated, in the process of being grafted over to another vaiety, or not yet in production.)

Other Fruit
Available now or very soon and for the next month or more
Jak Fruit
Black Sapote
Mamey Sapote

Flowering now (with estimated harvest)
Carambola (end of July-early September)
Sugar Apple (end of July-end of August)
Atemoya (end of August-end of September)
Longan (September or October)

Small Fruit on Trees now
Avocado (November-February)

**We are hoping weather or other circumstance does not affect our anticipated harvest.

Found... Prescription Glasses

We found a pair of ladies' eye glasses yesterday, apparently they slipped out of a purse.
Please check with us if you lost yours.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Saturday mango varieties

From most to least... approximately...

  • Nam Doc Mai
  • Florigon
  • Pim Seng Mun
  • Duncan
  • Joellen
  • Chocanon
  • Valencia Pride
  • Jakarta
  • Bailey's Marvel
  • Lemon Meringue (PPK)
  • Carrie
  • Gary

Jak Fruit is looking good...maybe a couple more weeks

Quick Update

We will be open on Memorial Day  ....noon - 2pm

Tomorrow we will have a lot of the very popular Nam Doc Mai.  Many other varieties will be represented including Florigon, Valencia Pride, Pim Seng Mun.  Cogshall and Glenn will not be available.  Our next major mango will be Valencia Pride.  We have a few fruit from one Valencia Pride tree, but we do not have significant quantities of that variety yet.  The amount of fruit available for sale tomorrow will be moderate, but supply should be better soon.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Saturday Morning Mangos

  • Cogshall... this will be the last Saturday of this crop
  • Glenn... possibly the last Saturday
  • Florigon... still very strong
  • Chocanon... still strong
  • Carrie...  most trees two weeks into their harvests
  • Gary... the first fruit this season from that variety
  • Duncan... starting significant harvests
  • Valencia Pride...  very few fruit, beginning of season for two trees
  • Ice Cream...  a few
  • Lemon Meringue (PPK)... tail end of first crop
  • Pim Seng Mun...  plentiful and delicious
  • Bailey's Marvel... decent harvest, one tree
  • Nam Doc Mai...  strong harvest
  • Dupuis Saigon... some fruit, one tree
  • Joellen... good harvest, one tree
  • Jakarta... a few gorgeous fruit
  • Tess Pollack... almost the last of the first crop
  • Haden... some available
  • Stringies... should have these for awhile

Saturday... Open 9am - noon

Because of the Sun Sentinel article on May 12, many people have been trying to buy fruit all week.  Please accept my sincere apologies for having such limited hours.  Growing so many varieties of mangos makes harvesting and set-up very time consuming, and we simply don't have time to be open more.   

Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 19 ...Fruit-Picking Tour

Many people have asked if they could pick their own fruit Sunday, May 19, we will offer a mango-picking tour beginning at 4pm.

The cost is $2 per person (plus the cost of the fruit you pick).  There is no charge for babies and small children who are carried for the entire tour.

We recommend wearing old clothes and closed shoes.  If you don't know if you're sensitive to the sap, please wear long-sleeve shirts and gloves.  Also we recommend wearing safety glasses or even sunglasses because under certain circumstances sap can spray near or on your face.

Please let us know how many people might be in your group...  278-7754 or leave a message at the bottom of this post.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Mangos for Saturday

  • Carrie  Each week we have more than the previous week.  Tomorrow we should have at least a couple of boxes of them.
  • Lemon Meringue (PPK)  We've harvested more than half of the first crop, but still have a good amount.
  • Glenn  Still peak season for Glenn.
  • Cogshall  Still beautiful, tasty and plentiful
  • Nam Doc Mai  Significant quantity, and harvests will be stronger next week.
  • Pim Seng Mun  Such a delicious and versatile mango...still in good supply
  • Florigon  Still plentiful, and we're just starting to harvest one tree with large fruit.
  • Tess Pollock  Some still available..  Fortunately we'll have a second crop also
  • Bailey's Marvel  Lots of fruit available tomorrow..
  • Duncan  Numbers increasing, but next week will be significantly better
  • Haden  Many are spotted this year, but they're tasty and cheap
  • Stringies  Plentiful
  • Rosa  Probably the last week
  • Several Singles of different varieties...mostly firsts of the season, and a handful of Edward, Baptiste, Ice Cream

In addition to mangos, we have a small Jaboticaba plant with ripe fruit, and a few Sapodilla.

Open Saturday 9am-noon

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

During Wednesday Hours...a Request for Talking Customers...

Today a reporter stopped by our grove.  She's working on a story for Sunday's paper and would like to talk with customers who are willing to be quoted in her story.  I mentioned that Saturday morning would be the best time to talk with customers since that's our busiest time, but tomorrow afternoon works much better for the newspaper.  Please stop by to chat with her if you are able....
(Open Wednesday...4-6pm)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

In the Grove

Because of the warm winter etc, many of our mango varieties have had two or three blooms.  We hope to get multiple crops from Cogshall, Glenn, Valencia Pride, Lemon Meringue (PPK), Keitt, Carrie, Duncan, Tess Pollock and Pim Seng Mun.

Tomorrow we will have a decent amount of Carrie for sale.  Cogshall, Glenn, Pim Seng Mun, Haden and Florigon continue to be very strong. We will have a few Julie and Edward.  Numbers of Nam Doc Mai and Bailey's Marvel are increasing.  Several new customers were very impressed with Tess Pollock, and lots of people bought Stringies.
We don't know in advance how many varieties will be available on any given day, but until sometime in July we will have more than ten varieties.  In June we often have more than thirty varieties available on the same day.

Also, for those who would like to find out more about tropical fruit, I recommend the Palm Beach chapter of the Rare Fruit Council.  The club meets once a month at Mounts Botanical Garden in West Palm Beach.  The meetings are open to all and include a tasting table after an informative presentation.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hours for May 6 through May 11

Monday (May 6)  .....Noon-2pm

Wednesday (May 8)  ....4pm-6pm

Thursday (May 9)  .....2pm-4pm

Saturday (May 11)   .....9am-Noon

Friday, May 3, 2013


The storms have picked a lot of fruit. Most of our mango varieties sell for $2/lb.  We will be selling bruised mangos of many varieties for $1/lb.

Also 1 pm...  Volume discounts will be offered. Anyone purchasing at least fifty pounds of mangos will pay just $1.50 per pound.

Lightning has fried our phone.  Leaving messages on this blog might be the best way to get ahold of me.

Between Raindrops

For those of you who were not able to come yesterday, we will be open this morning 9-11am.
It seems the rain will be minimal during this time.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Video of our Grove

John from okraw just made this video of our grove....

Favorite Ways to Eat Mango

I love eating fresh mangos with Indian food, but sliced mango tastes great with almost any food.  Here are a few other ways to enjoy mangos...
  • Dehydrated Mango Roll-ups
  • Mango Bread
  • Mango Crisp
  • Mango Puree
  • Green Smoothies made with Mango
  • Mango Chutney
  • Mango Pickles
  • Frozen Sliced Mango
  • Mango Juice
  • Mango Popsicles
  • Mangos in Green Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What's Ripe Now

Mango Varieties:
  • Glenn
  • Cogshall
  • Florigon
  • Pim Seng Mun
  • Lemon Meringue (PPK)
  • Nam Doc Mai
  • Dwarf Hawaiian
  • Carrie
  • Tess Pollock
  • Bailey's Marvel
  • Edward
  • Haden
  • Rosa
We sell mangos for $2/lb. 
Currently we are selling Rosa, Eckler, Stringies and Haden mangos for $1/lb.

Every Season we have many new customers at the end of mango season.  If you have never been to our grove, please visit soon.  Our selection is excellent, and each week we have at least one more variety available.