Friday, May 10, 2013

Mangos for Saturday

  • Carrie  Each week we have more than the previous week.  Tomorrow we should have at least a couple of boxes of them.
  • Lemon Meringue (PPK)  We've harvested more than half of the first crop, but still have a good amount.
  • Glenn  Still peak season for Glenn.
  • Cogshall  Still beautiful, tasty and plentiful
  • Nam Doc Mai  Significant quantity, and harvests will be stronger next week.
  • Pim Seng Mun  Such a delicious and versatile mango...still in good supply
  • Florigon  Still plentiful, and we're just starting to harvest one tree with large fruit.
  • Tess Pollock  Some still available..  Fortunately we'll have a second crop also
  • Bailey's Marvel  Lots of fruit available tomorrow..
  • Duncan  Numbers increasing, but next week will be significantly better
  • Haden  Many are spotted this year, but they're tasty and cheap
  • Stringies  Plentiful
  • Rosa  Probably the last week
  • Several Singles of different varieties...mostly firsts of the season, and a handful of Edward, Baptiste, Ice Cream

In addition to mangos, we have a small Jaboticaba plant with ripe fruit, and a few Sapodilla.

Open Saturday 9am-noon

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