Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 19 ...Fruit-Picking Tour

Many people have asked if they could pick their own fruit Sunday, May 19, we will offer a mango-picking tour beginning at 4pm.

The cost is $2 per person (plus the cost of the fruit you pick).  There is no charge for babies and small children who are carried for the entire tour.

We recommend wearing old clothes and closed shoes.  If you don't know if you're sensitive to the sap, please wear long-sleeve shirts and gloves.  Also we recommend wearing safety glasses or even sunglasses because under certain circumstances sap can spray near or on your face.

Please let us know how many people might be in your group...  278-7754 or leave a message at the bottom of this post.


  1. this is ken and maria. we will be in the area coming form kissimmee and look forward to it :)

    you have been in a vortex of popularity but its good for you :)

  2. looking forward to the mango picking tour tomorrow! Krista and grandson kane.

  3. I am planning to come for mango-picking with my two daughters (12 years old) today.


  4. Thanks to everyone who came today. If you can think of anything we might do differently which would make the tour even better, please let us know.