Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hours and Mangos this Week

This week we will be open...

Wednesday: 4:30-6 pm

Saturday: 9am - noon

As for the mangos..

This week we will sell the last fruit from the Van Dyke, Palmer, and (possibly) the Duncan and Valencia Pride trees.
Varieties we will have beyond this week include Gary, Keitt, Kent, Neelum, and possibly Beverly.
A few fruit from other varieties will be available, but I don't want to mention any names only to disappoint.

And regarding other tropical fruit...

Carambolas are increasingly plentiful.
We harvested the first Jak Fruit (VERY small). Two 12-18 pound fruits seem almost ready to pick.
The first Sugar Apples of the season were ready last week. This week more should be available.
And this week I'll pick more Longans. For the next two weeks or so, we will have Kohala Longans. Other varieties will ripen later.

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