Friday, June 15, 2012

Last Minute News and Suggestions for the Bounty

Tomorrow might be the last Saturday of the summer that we will have Glenn mangos.  Tomorrow's supply is good because the mangos still on the trees are all ripening at the same time.
Also plentiful are the very popular Carrie mangos.
The supply of Po Pyu Kalai (Lemon Meringue) mango is good, but we're nearing the end of its season.
We have a decent amount of Bailey's Marvel, and there are plenty still on the tree.
Also we should have some of the varieties listed on the previous post.

Again we will sell drops for half price.  Most are from our large Haden mango trees.

One excellent use of imperfect fruit is for fruit leather.  Put bruised parts and good flesh in a blender with Vitamin C (ascorbic acid to preserve freshness) until pureed, then spread on non-stick sheets and dehydrate at 110 degrees until done.  Roll up the sheets of dried mango and cut with sharp knife.
You can mix many varieties of mango, but make sure some of the fruit is bruised and some has fiber.  Also you can add other types of fruit to the mix.  I've tried passion fruit, guava, carambola, and canistel.

Other uses include making Mango Bread and Mango Crisp (click on "Recipes"), making chutney, pureeing for mango juice (add water for desired thickness), and freezing for later in the year.

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