Saturday, July 28, 2012

August Mangos etc

Mango varieties still available include Keitt, Kent, Palmer, Valencia Pride, Duncan, Neelum, Pram Kai Mea and Beverly.
Other fruit include Jak Fruit, Carambola, Longan and Sugar Apple.

Hours for August are:
  • Wednesdays  4:30-5:30
  • Saturdays   9am-noon 

Remember... now is a great time to trim any of your mango trees that have finished fruiting for the season.


  1. Hi Chris - I learned on Tropical Fruit Forum that you grow and sell a good variety of mangos. Is there any chance that I could possibly pay for you to ship some mangoes - or really even just the seeds if kept fresh - to Houston in a month or so? I live in Iceland but my parents live in Houston and plan to visit in early June. It's extremely difficult to try to import live plants here so I've been trying to track down a source of seeds of small to medium polyembryonic (that is to say, SE asian) cultivars, but nobody seems to sell them. It has to be poly since monos don't produce clonal trees from seed, and it has to be small to medium growth habit because of course tropicals have to be grown indoors in Iceland. So for example, Nam Doc Mai, Manilita, Po Pyu Kalay, Okrung, Okrung Tong, Rosigold, Maha Chahook, etc.

    I'd also buy the (fresh) seeds of other edible tropical species if you'd be willing to send any to Houston.

    Let me know if you can - meQme@eaQku.neQt (remove Qs to despammify). :)

  2. Rei, especially this time of year, we are very busy harvesting and selling fruit and don't have the time for a special project. Perhaps someone on the Tropical Fruit Forum would be interested in sending seeds to you. chris