Friday, June 7, 2013

Mangos for Saturday, etc.

The lull between strong harvests of mangos continues.  We hope our supply will improve in a couple of weeks.
Valencia Pride, Nam Doc Mai and Duncan are the main mangos which will be available Saturday.  We should have some black sapote and sapodilla.  I just picked a 35-pound jak fruit which I will cut into 2 to 6 pound pieces tomorrow morning.  Also, the popular dehydrated mango products will be available.  Yesterday's winds knocked down many mangos, so we will have plenty of immature mangos for those who would like to make pickles.

I just had a vegetable masala burger and put a slice of mango on it.... Delicious!  For a wonderful change of pace, try substituting mango for tomato in sandwiches, etc. 
Everything is better with mango!

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