Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Last Saturday Mangos of the Season

Saturday will be the last day this year that we will have mangos for sale.  Our last variety is Keitt.

Other fruit include Avocado and Carambola, and a small amount of Atemoya and Longan.  We also will have a few mango fruit roll-ups for sale.

If you have space in your yard or on a patio, consider planting a fruit tree.  We have many plants for sale.


Open Saturday, 9-noon



Another source for mangos ....  I just spoke with Walter and Verna Zill.  They have a small grove east of Bethesda Hospital (about one mile north of us), and they will still have Keitt mangos next week. 

The Zill grove is open every day except Saturday... 737-9419.

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