Sunday, July 6, 2014

Another Mango Monday

The mangos continue to look great!

We will try to pick some green fruit tomorrow morning because several people want to ship fruit to friends and family.  Monday is a great day to ship.

Haden Mangos are finally coming to the end of their season.  The good news is we have more room in the $2 section for other mangos.  For Monday... Southern Blush, Rosa, Valencia Pride, Duncan, Cogshall, Haden, Florigon, Graham, Choc-anon, Van Dyke and Zill will be in the $2 section.  Also, fresh Carrie drops and blemished Carries will be available for $2 per pound.

Our $1 per pound table will include some blemished Hadens, and newly-picked Irwins, Tommy Atkins and Jubilee.

Also we will have Haden drops etc available for $5 per bag.  It would be helpful if you could bring your own Publix or Walmart bag for those.

For $3 per pound..
We still have Lemon Meringue!  ...surprised that some are still on the trees
and Carrie, Bailey's Marvel, a few Bombay, Dupuis Saigon, Zill Indo-Chinese, Mallika, Nam Doc Mai, Dot, Pram Kai Mea, Glenn, Edward

...and we have the 11-pound Jak Fruit and a few Sapodilla

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