Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fruit for Saturday, May 30

****We have such a HUGE selection of mangos that we are expanding the sales area.  $3 per pound mangos will fill the entire breezeway.  $2 per pound and $1 per pound mangos will be just outside of the breezeway****

Don't get discouraged if we're crowded...we should have plenty of great mangos.
This Saturday is the day to buy Pim Seng Mun, Lemon Meringue, Glenn.  We will have a lot for sale, but not much is left on the trees...

Duncan season is starting!  Nice selection.
Great selection of Tess Pollock
Mallika just starting
Great supply of Glenn for sale but not much left on the trees
a box of Nam Doc Mai
Nice supply of Pim Seng Mun but not much left on the trees
Pram Kai Mea
Great selection of Lemon Meringue but not much left on the trees
Nice selection of Florigon
Jakarta... delicious Kent x Bombay
a few Cogshall
Van Dyke
possibly some Dot
a big box of Southern Blush... first of the season!
a few Graham
Choc Anon
a few Philippine
a few Edward
a few Dwarf Hawaiian
first pick of Zill
a few Turpentine
a few Valencia Pride... first of the season!

Haden season is coming to an end.  This week is still a great time to buy them!  Quantity discounts for Haden purchases over 20 pounds

We will have a couple small Jak Fruit @$4/lb and a large Jak Fruit @$3/pound.  Cut pieces are slightly more expensive.
Black Sapote
We will have Lychee (Red Ohia)!  Our lychee crop is almost non-existent this year, but we cut a branch from our only tree with fruit and discovered more fruit than we thought we had.  Perhaps we will have about 40 lbs for sale this Saturday.

Open Saturday  9am - noon

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