Monday, June 29, 2015

Two Dollar Tuesday

Tomorrow ONLY
June 30... 4-5:00 pm
All Storm mangos will be a maximum of $2 per pound....
It's a terrific time to ship.
The winds blew down a huge amount of mature but green mangos, which is actually good news. At this stage they do not bruise and will ripen with full flavor.
Because our Haden trees are so tall, they had the greatest number of mangos fall. Also available are Duncan, Nam Doc Mai, Baileys Marvel, Tess Pollock, Valencia Pride, Keitt and Kent, and the few remaining Lemon Meringue.

A full selection of mango varieties will not be available on Two Dollar Tuesday, just storm mangos.
Most of the fruit is top quality.  Most is green

Volume discounts will be available.

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