Friday, July 10, 2015

Complete Mango Variety Status a/o 7-10-2015

Alphonso... a few left on the tree
Bailey's Marvel.. plentiful this week, but 85% of the fruit has been picked
Baptiste... small tree, but most of the fruit still on the tree
Best... not a huge crop this year, but most still on the tree
Beverly... starting to pick this late variety
Big Jim.. a few left on the tree
Bombay.. essentially done for the year
Carrie... occasionally find a couple fruit, but the season is over
Chocanon... season very close to being over
Coconut Cream... no production this year but should have some next year
Cogshall... 90% have been picked
Cushman... trees have been trimmed, so all the fruit is off the trees
Dot... we will probably pick the last of the crop in the next couple days
Duncan... season almost over
Dupuis Saigon
Dwarf Hawaiian.. season just ended
Edward.. one of our trees still has fruit
Elephant  Tusk...some fruit still available
Fairchild.. the season is essentially over
Florigon.. season definitely over 
Fruit Punch.. hope to have some next year
Gary ... 90% picked
Glenn ... season over
Graham... 40% picked
Haden... second crop 90% picked
Harvest Moon... small tree, a few on tree but not yet ready
Ice Cream... a few still available
Irwin... mid season
Jacquelin.. just a couple still on the tree
Jakarta... one tree finished for the year, others are still not ready to pick
Joellen... in the process of grafting this tree to another variety
Jubilee...grafted to other varieties
Julie... still some fruit on the trees
Juliette..season essentially over
Keio Savoy... season over
Keitt... season just starting
Kent... season will be short...good supply now
Lemon Zest... might get some fruit next year
Madame Francis... still some fruit left
Mallika... still some fruit on the trees
Mulgoba... a fantastic year for this delicious variety, but coming to an end
Nam Doc Mai... not a great year for NDM, and the season is almost over
Neelum... picking the early fruit
Paige... only one of these big beauties is still on the tree
Palmer... about halfway through this late variety
Petegrew.. about halfway through this one too
Phillipine... almost finished
Pickering.. about half the crop has been picked
Pim Seng Mun.. season has ended
Pina Colada.. no fruit this year
Pineapple Pleasure.. almost finished
Po Pyu Kalai (Lemon Meringue)... season has ended
Pram Kai Mea... almost everything has been picked
Rosa.. a very long season which seems to have just finished
Rosigold.. season has ended
Ryan... trimmed the tree Wednesday, so the season is over
Southern Blush.. a couple fruit left on the tree
Sweet Tart.. season just ended
Tess Pollock.. possibly a few more left on the trees
Tommy Atkins.. last week
Turpentine... fruit have been very small this year
ValCarrie.. possibly available next year
Valencia Pride.. a great year... now past the peak of the season
Van Dyke.. almost completely picked
Zebda.. no fruit this year
Zill.. a few more left on the tree
Zill Indochinese .. season almost over

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