Friday, November 20, 2015

Fruit for Satuday, November 20 a little news from the grove

Open Saturday 9am-noon

In addition to Carambola, Coconuts, Avocado, Black Sapote, and a few Atemoya and Sugar Apple.... we will have Papaya and a few Sapodilla!

 Also we have a nice selection of mango trees and other fruit trees.
News around the grove...
 We are still grafting. The unusually warm weather has made late season grafting possible and rewarding. Some of these late grafts have started growing in their first week. Next year we should have a great selection of unusual mango varieties, and some fun multi-graft trees, etc.
 In a week or two we will plant two more small areas. Most of the trees will be mangos.  The tough part is deciding which varieties to plant.
Also, several of our mango trees have started to flower... including Dwarf Hawaiian, Rosa, Rosigold and Madame Francis

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