Friday, June 3, 2016

Varieties of Mango Trees for Sale

Now is a Great Time to Plant a Mango Tree!

We have about fifty varieties of Mango trees available including...

 Bailey's Marvel
*Big Jim
 Dupuis Saigon
*Dwarf Hawaiian
 Fruit Punch
 Harvest Moon
 Juicy Peach
 Lemon Meringue
 Lemon Zest
 Madame Blanc
 Madame Francis
 Maha Chanook
 Nam Doc Mai
 Peach Cobbler
 Pim Sane Mun
 Pina Colada
 Southern Blush
 Sweet Tart
*Tess Pollock
 Valencia Pride
*Zill Indochinese

* Indicates varieties that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Other varieties which are almost ready for sale include Baptiste, Choc Anon and Ugly Betty.

Please note: Our selection of mango fruit available will be slightly different from this list.


  1. hey when's your next mango picking tour..?? Thank you. 954-274-4678

  2. I'll announce soon... waiting to hear back on schedules of our helpers..