Thursday, August 5, 2010

Personal Preferences in the Land of Mangos

Some might think I put too much mango in my mango bread, but I love it when it borders on mango bread pudding. As you might have noticed in the recipe notes, I often don't add any sugar ...just go with the sweetness of the mangos. (If you're using store-bought mangos, this modification probably won't work.) Yesterday's batch didn't have added sugar, but had tons of 'Dot' mangos, and pecans mixed in with the typical walnuts (because I ran short on walnuts). I thought the combination was extraordinary.

In the past two days I've picked lots of gorgeous Dot, Bailey's Marvel, Valencia Pride, Carrie, and Spirit of '76 mangos. We also have some Cushman, Haden, Mallika, Florigon, Zebda, Baptiste, Lemon Meringue, Pickering, Duncan, Fairchild, Mulgoba, Tommy Atkins, Irwin, Van Dyke, Choc-anon, Graham, Bombay, Alphonso, and Gary ...and we still haven't started picking Beverly, Neelum, Kent and Keitt.

We sure hope lots of people show up Saturday morning, knives in hand, to peel and cut mangos!
Sample whatever you want, and peel as much as you can. We'll weigh the finished product and charge you $2 per pound.

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