Sunday, February 23, 2014

Flowering Mangos and Trimming Trees... Sunday Morning Pictures

Flowering Mangos

10 Foot Coghall Mango with a Huge Bloom

A Glenn Mango that can't decide whether to grow or flower.  It's possible that the new growth on the tree will flower in another month or so.  More likely we will have fewer Glenn Mangos this year.

Zill Mango.  This tree did not fruit well last year.  When I did some major pruning at the end of last season, I did not trim many of the smaller branches.  As you can see, the long, older branches are flowering.

Nam Doc Mai was one of the few varieties to flower in December.  This picture shows some small fruit from those December flowers and current flowers.



This almost-horizontal branch of a Keitt Mango was not strong enough to support much fruit, so I cut it back to small branches closer to the center of the tree.


This tree we are grafting over to Carrie Mango.  I eliminated most of the original variety, so that new growth will be on only the Carrie branches.  A few young shoots on the right I left in case we want to add another graft in a month or so.



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