Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ripe Fruit

Caimito (aka Star Apple) is abundant. 

Black Sapote season will last a couple more weeks.

There's lots of Sapodilla on our trees, but very little has been ready to pick.  Supply should increase for the next several weeks.

Just discovered....

Our one rogue (off-season) Jak Fruit is ripe.  I'll cut it up and refrigerate so that several people can enjoy it.  This particular Jak Fruit is fully ripe.  If you like slightly under-ripe and crunchy Jak Fruit, this one isn't for you.

Jaboticaba is fruiting.

We have a few Custard Apple that seem ready to pick.

A reminder... all of our fruit is grown organically.

Open Saturday, 9am - noon.

Call or message if you are interested in buying at least five pounds of fruit and would like to visit sometime other than Saturday morning.  We can probable figure out a mutually convenient time for you to stop by.

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