Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fruit for Wednesday, August 20

Yes, we still have mangos!
Mostly Keitt, Beverly and Neelum... but occasionally a few others
....I still believe mango season will end sometime in September, but my best guess is that very few mangos will make it to September.  What's left on the trees seem to be ripening.

Other fruit include Carambola, a few Canistel, Longan and Sugar Apples.

We are still waiting for our second wave of Jak Fruit


  1. Hello,
    Will you, have mangos on Saturday, if,so,what kind?,we will be traveling from Tampa.

  2. yes, we will have mangos.
    Keitt will be the main variety. Probably some Beverly, Neelum and a few fruits of other varieties will also be available.

  3. Hello Chris,

    Are you open tomorrow? if yes, what time can someone pass by?

  4. hours are Wednesday 4-6 and Saturday 9-12
    orders of 20 lbs or more can be picked up at other times

  5. Hours until Mango Season 2015 are Saturday 9-noon only...
    Very rarely we are closed on a Saturday during the winter.