Friday, October 3, 2014

Fruit for Saturday, October 4

This week is looking a lot like last week... Avocado, Longan, and a few Carambola, Sugar Apples and Atemoya.  Coconuts are also available.

We might have a Jak Fruit.

Of course we still have fruit trees for sale.

Open 9am - noon


  1. Which early or late season mango trees do you still have left for sale?

  2. We have plenty of our three strongest early varieties... Rosa, Rosigold and Dwarf Hawaiian. We also have a good supply of Nam Doc Mai and Cogshall, which fruit slightly later than the first three varieties.
    Our most popular late varieties are Kent, Keitt and Neelum. We have trees of these varieties too.

  3. Any 7 gallon or larger of Rosigold, Dwarf Hawaiian, Kent or Keitt?

  4. 7 and 25 gallon Keitt, 7 gallon Rosigold... the rest are in 3 gallon