Saturday, October 4, 2014

what's happening around the grove...

This evening I grafted onto some of the trees in the grove.  It would have been easier had this project been in the daylight, but I have to take whatever opportunities I have.  The last few were essentially by feel and not sight... fingers crossed.
We've finished building another raised bed and now hope to fill it soon.
Both mowers, my computer and various other equipment seemed to break at the same time.  We're catching up with various tasks, but posting pictures is one thing that is still difficult.  I'll post some pictures soon.


  1. Hi Chris -

    Hope all is well! Would I by any chance be able to acquire some budwood from you to graft onto a tree of mine that is ready to be transformed?


  2. If possible, stop in tomorrow morning. Har should be able to find what you would like. We've been finding lots of suitable budwood lately and have been having lots of success.