Sunday, July 25, 2010

Life in the Quarantine Zone

Early Saturday morning two DPI people stopped by with news. If no medflies show up in the area, the quarantine will be lifted on September 2.

With luck we still might have 2-3 varieties of mango in September ...maybe even jak fruit. A lot can happen in 5 weeks, but we hope for at least a couple weeks when we are permitted to sell fresh fruit AND have fruit to sell.

Several people showed up to slice and freeze mangos yesterday. What began as a way to take mangos home while under quarantine restrictions became a social experience. In addition to tasting many varieties and having fruit to thaw when needed, people who otherwise would have never met shared experience, techniques and enthusiasm for the fruit. Cutting fruit in our breezeway worked out well, and we will set up for that every Saturday morning until the end of the quarantine or until we no longer have mangos to sell.

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