Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mangos Mangos Everywhere (B.Y.O.K.)

The bounty is plentiful, and we now have a plan whereby we can sell our mangos.

This Saturday morning we will set up a table or two for mango peeling and cutting. Bring your favorite knife, buy the fruit you would like to freeze (and/or consume on the property), cut it up, and put it in a Ziploc bag with your name on it. We will put it in our chest freezer. A couple days later you can pick it up and save it in your own freezer for the winter.

I freeze mangos every year and thaw a bag every time we have a special guest (who happened to have missed mango season). It is always a treat, and certainly beats the heck out of any store-bought mango. I also dice a few bags of mangos to freeze and use later in the year for mango bread.

Most varieties that are ripe now are excellent to freeze ...including Bailey's Marvel, Fairchild, Carrie, Florigon, Valencia Pride, Tommy Atkins, Van Dyke, Irwin, Pim Seng Mun, and lots of Haden. We also have Graham, Bombay, Dwarf Hawaiian and Lemon Meringue, but these four varieties I do not recommend freezing.

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