Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ripening Fruit

Our 'Haden' trees, especially the ones next to the street, are full of large yellow mangos heavily blushed with red. Many people notice them and stop. Not only are mangos are the ultimate fruit, but they also are or should be an essential summer experience for everyone in South Florida. A few minutes ago I told two sets of people that, because of one fly found three miles from here, I cannot sell or give away any fruit. The Spanish-speaking man did not understand at all. English is my first language and I have spent hours researching the medfly, and I do not understand either.

But the focus of the day has been preparing for Saturday's paring. Green mangos are in our garage so that the warmth can speed their ripening. Our (air-conditioned) kitchen is filled with boxes and bags of about 15 varieties of ripe and nearly ripe fruit. This morning we set up a table in the breezeway and figured out a few things to make cutting and peeling easier and more enjoyable. With any luck the rain will have cleared out by Saturday morning, but we will be open from 9 am to noon ...rain or shine.

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