Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fruit for Saturday, March 22

The Caimito supply is a little better than last week.  Next week should be better than this week.  Our Caimito season will probably last 2-3 more weeks.

Black Sapote is still in season, although I was only able to find a few that were ready to pick.  Their season also will probably last 2-3 more weeks.

The few remaining Jaboticaba are small, yet very tasty.  I'll pick all that is left for today.

There should be a few Sapodilla ready to pick.  Sapodilla season should continue for about two months.

We will have several 'Rosa' Mangos for sale.  'Rosa' Mangos have a rich somewhat resinous flavor, and are very firm (fibrous but not stringy).

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