Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Quick Look Ahead

Sometimes I tell new customers that our mango season begins in May even though we have a few 'Rosa' mangos now.  Rosa has a great flavor, but its flesh is very firm and unlike any other variety that we grow.  I hope that new customers can wait until May or June when we have a nice selection of fiberless mangos.  First impressions are important.
In a few weeks, 'Dwarf Hawaiian' mango should be ripe. 
'Jakarta', 'Florigon' and 'Edward' will probably be available in May.
In June, we should have many more varieties of mangos, including a good 'Haden' crop.

The timing of this year's mango crop seems to be very typical for Florida.  Most of our fifty mango varieties will ripen in June and July.  'Neelum' and 'Keitt' will be later.   'Julie' seemed like the only variety that has dropped all of its fruit already, but a few others like 'Petegrew' and 'Best' are looking questionable. 

As I've mentioned before, we are expecting our first lychee crop in three years.  Our huge 'Brewster' tree is in bloom as is our 'Red Ohia'

This summer we plan to sell Collard Greens and Italian Flat Leaf Parsley.

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