Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hours... Current and Forecasted

At the moment fruit is relatively scarce.  Our 'Rosa' mango tree has fruit.  One of our Black Sapote trees  and one of our jaboticabas still have some fruit.  The season is just beginning for sapodilla and the second crop of Caimito.

Because only a handful of trees are producing fruit now, we are only open Saturday mornings.
We expect to have a lot more fruit available in May and will open other days at that time.  
Hopefully by the end of May we will be open for a few hours four days a week.

Also of note, the lychee crop still looks promising on three trees.  Lychees ripen in June.


  1. Hi Chris. Will Rosa mango, Black Sapote, Jaboticaba, and Sapodilla be available tomorrow morning?

  2. yes...sorry for the late post