Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fruit for Monday, June 23

The mangos are amazing!  I've spent many hours this weekend organizing all the different varieties, but now we're ready for a spectacular Monday.
Glenn mango looks great, but this will probably be the last week for it.  Lemon Meringue has about 10% of the crop left on the trees, but we have several nice boxes of that variety picked.  We will have several boxes of Carrie also.  Pim Sen Mun is reaching the end of its season, but we have two boxes of them.  Other varieties with significant quantities... Bombay, Bailey's Marvel, Edward, Southern Blush, Cushman, Duncan, Fairchild, Dot, Rosa, Joellen, Tess Pollock, Cogshall, Choc-anon and Dupuis Saigon.

We will offer several varieties at $2 per pound including Van Dyke, Haden and Florigon.

Also, we will have some sapodilla and canistel available.

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