Monday, June 30, 2014

Wednesday Fruit

Of course we will have a lot of mango varieties available.  In addition to the varieties listed for Monday, we have now started to pick some Valencia Pride

Some notes...
Dot, Cushman and Bailey's Marvel look fantastic
Carrie continues to be wonderful... some of the Carries will be available for $2 per pound (most at $3 per pound)
Nice amount of Mallika
An amazing amount of Mulgoba (notoriously a light producer)
The dollar per pound table should be very interesting

As many of you already know, Julie Mango set very few fruit this year.  This afternoon I happened to find one!  Instead of selling it, I'm planning to cut it up Wednesday around 4:05.  If it happens not to be ripe for Wednesday, we will sample a Maha Chinook instead.  I hope that all the customers here at that time will be able to taste it.

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