Monday, June 2, 2014

Fruit for Monday, June 2

Of course I'll check for more fruit this morning, but right now it looks like Jakarta, Cogshall and Florigon will be the main varieties of mangos. 
Ripe Lemon Meringues are still very hard to find.
I'll pick a few Carries.  We will probably have a few Southern Blush, Cushman, Edward, Pim Seng Mun
Next week Carrie and Lemon Meringue will be better.  Also Tess Pollock, Philippine, Bailey's Marvel, Dupuis Saigon will probably begin to ripen.

Recently I've had several people ask for "raw mango."  The green Hadens should be good for this use.  Most of the Hadens will take a week or so to ripen.

Other fruit available include Tamarind and Sapodilla.

Monday 12-2pm
Wednesday 4-6 pm
Thursday 2-4pm
Saturday 9am-noon

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