Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ripe Fruit

Whatever ripe mangos we find sell instantly.  Most of the fruit is a few days from being ripe.
Suggestions for ripening fruit at home...
Warm temperature is very important for faster ripening.  Some people put their fruit in their garage or screened porch.  Take fruit out of plastic bags and let ripen in the open air or in a paper bag or cardboard box.

Part of the Mango Selection from earlier this week.

 Fortunately Ripe Mangos are on the way...
In the next few weeks we hope to have more ripe fruit to sell.
Always nice to see ripe fruit!  This one is Haden.

Here are a couple of fruit I tasted today.  Both were undersized and shriveled, but mostly ripe.  Both were not as good as full-term fruit, but delicious.

A Mulgoba... less than half the size of a mature fruit.
I found it under the tree.  My best guess is it had been there about 2 weeks.
(I tasted the bottom of the fruit)

A Carrie Drop.. It dehydrated during the ripening process.

Inside the Carrie Mango.  I shared with a very picky mango eater who agreed it was delicious.
(Of course not as good as fully ripe and fully mature Carrie mango.)

I would like to sell full-sized ripe fruit, but often the fruit falls before it's picked.  And sometimes this happens...

Bird damage on Cogshall and Florigon Mangos.

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