Saturday, May 24, 2014

Open Memorial Day

Monday we will be open 12-2.

It's likely that we will have more ripe fruit than we've had recently... definitely some Lemon Meringue, but some of other varieties also.  The overall mango supply continues to be light.

My best guess is the peak of Lemon Meringue season will be in about 2 weeks.  We don't have a lot of this variety now, but the supply should improve.
Glenn Mangos will probably start ripening in earnest in 1-2 weeks.
Cushman season will start soon, perhaps within a week.
We will have a few Nam Doc Mai fruit every day, but I think the peak season for that variety will be in 3 weeks.
Carrie Mangos might start ripening in about 2 weeks.
Florigon might be strong next week.
We are picking the second crop of Jakarta, and hoping their season will last another 3-4 weeks.
Bailey's Marvel might start ripening in 2 weeks.
Pim Seng Mun season might start in a week.
Baptiste is almost ready

We don't have a lot of mangos now... a few of the varieties that we've been selling for the last few weeks.  I'll search again tomorrow morning.

Other Fruit:  Black Sapote are done for the season.  We will have Sapodilla.

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