Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fruit for Saturday, May 3

Sorry of the late post... too tired yesterday evening

Fruit is similar to last week, but fewer mangos.

Very Few Rosa
Some Edward
Some Jakarta
Very few Nam Doc Mai
Very Few Florigon
Some Dwarf Hawaiian

This year most of the mango varieties will be available much later than usual.  The mangos that are available now represent only a small fraction of the crop for these varieties.  For example, we have several Nam Doc Mai trees, but only a few branches of one of the trees have mature fruit now.
The total amount of mango fruit available for sale is dismal.  Try to be patient... June should be a great month.

Last day for Caimito
A few Sapodilla

The two Golden Pillow Jak fruit that I've been watching are significantly bigger than the previous ones that I've harvested from that tree, but are still not ready.

Even though the mangos are sparse, we have a great selection of fruit trees... especially mango trees.  With rain in the forecast, today should be a great day to plant.
Open today, 9am-noon

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