Saturday, May 17, 2014

Answers to frequent questions

Yes, we are open other times besides Saturday morning.

Monday 12-2pm
Wednesday 4-6 pm
Thursday 2-4pm
Saturday 9am-noon

Yes, we offer tours.  People have the opportunity to pick fruit, but it is not required.  Cost is $2 per person.  Tours will probably start around 5pm.

Sunday, June 8

Monday, June 30 
Sunday, July 13

Sunday, July 27

No, we don't ship fruit.  Right now we don't have enough fruit for our customers who stop by. 

No, we don't take credit cards.


  1. Chris,
    Where do Rosa mangos come from? Any news on Page mangos? Where do page mangos come from?

    What are the varieties of grafted mangos trees are currently available?

  2. Rosa mangos first fruited in Brazil.
    Page mangos are from the west coast of Florida. Our tree is fairly small but we will have some Page mangos to sell this year.
    We have more than thirty varieties of mango trees for sale, and about five more almost ready for sale. I'll post a list of varieties for sale.

  3. I bought the Wax Jambu on Saturday. Did not have a clue how to eat it but took a chance. I just divided it into two halves and ate it. Good guess because it was delicious... crisp apple taste, not too sweet and really crispy. Some of the websites say to put it into a salad but it was really great as is. I also tried the sapodilla .. a but sweet but good. I am looking forward to the availability of lycees.