Friday, July 15, 2016

Open Saturday, July 16...9am-12Noon

The mangos continue to be delicious and abundant!...

In addition to our regular sales area, we will have Grab-and-Go boxes under the tent. The boxes will have a selection of popular varieties with an information sheet, and be priced at $20 and $30, depending on the weight of the mangos.  We also might have some single-variety boxes

Also, Hadens will be available under the tent. It looks like this will be the last Saturday for Hadens.
Valencia Pride is coming in strong!

Saturday we will offer a special... when you buy 20 pounds or more of Valencia Pride, the price for this variety drops to $2.50 per pound

Best Selection of the season for...
  • Cushman
  • Graham

Mango Varieties available will include...
  • Bailey's Marvel
  • 'Best'
  • Big Jim
  • Bombay
  • Carrie ...just a few
  • Choc-anon
  • Cogshall  ..just a few
  • Cushman ...great selection
  • Dot.. great selection
  • Duncan ...tasting great
  • Dupuis Saigon ... end of season
  • Dwarf Hawaiian.. end of season
  • Edward
  • Elephant Tusk
  • Gary
  • Graham ...all ready at the same time!
  • Haden  ... almost the end of season
  • Jakarta ...look nice
  • Juliette ..just a few
  • Kent ..starting the season
  • Lemon Meringue
  • Madame Francis  ...look nice
  • Mallika  ...nice selection
  • Nam Doc Mai.. nice selection
  • Pickering selection of the season
  • Pim Sane Mun  ...I can't believe we still have some
  • Rosa ...end of season
  • Ryan ...end of season
  • Southern Blush ..a few
  • Valencia Pride ...nice selection

A Fruit-Picking Tour will be offered at 11:30. Cost is $5 per person plus the cost of whatever fruit you pick. We suggest you bring a cold drink and wear a hat.


  1. Hi, Chris. Any chance you will be open tomorrow for special hours?

    1. no special hours tomorrow, I'm open on M Tu Th and Saturday

    2. What times M Tu and Thur?


    3. Monday Noon-1:00
      Tuesday 1:30-2:30
      Thursday Noon-1:00