Monday, July 11, 2016

Open Tuesday, July 12.... 1:30-2:30

Our extra mango hours will continue thru the end of July.  We are very busy at the moment, so sometimes we don't post hours and fruit availability for each day that we're open... but we have lots of great mangos!

Picked a nice box of Gary Mango addition to all the recent mangos......
Valencia Pride

... LOTS of great mangos!
YAY for such a wonderful Mango Season!
We are very fortunate to have the selection and quantity that we do. Most groves in South Florida are having a terrible year, but our deep sandy soils and proximity to the ocean helped make this a great year for us!
Thanks to all our wonderful customers... You put the magic in the mangos!

Haden Special..
10 Hadens for $10!!

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