Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Open Thursday, July 7... 12Noon - 1:00

Mango Varieties will include...

  • Bombay!
  • Alphonso
  • Bailey's Marvel... really nice selection
  • Big Jim
  • Carrie... look great
  • Cogshall
  • Cushman
  • Dot.. nice selection
  • Duncan... look good
  • Dwarf Hawaiian
  • Edward... nice selection
  • Florigon
  • Glenn... end of the season
  • Haden... great time to buy!
  • Lemon Meringue... dwindling supply (the end is near)
  • Mallika... nice supply
  • Nam Doc Mai
  • Paige
  • Pim Sane Mun... amazing supply
  • Ryan
Now is a great time to buy mangos...great selection, and prices on several varieties have been reduced.  Freezing, dehydrating, making chutney, and baking mango bread and mango crisp are great ways to extend the season and expand your enjoyment of mangos.  Mango bread and mango crisp recipes are available on this site under "Recipes"

Open Thursday... 12Noon-1:00


  1. We will be there in 2 weeks. Will there be any mangos left???

    1. Absolutely! the selection will be somewhat different, but we grow so many varieties that we will have great mangos until at least sometime in August