Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mango Supply is Excellent

We've picked all of our Carrie Mangos.  The ripe mangos sold today, but we do have some green Carries that will be available for sale on Monday.  I'm not sure if any will be available after Monday.

Almost all of our Haden mangos have been picked, but some will still be available Monday.  We've just picked the last of Ryan.
Valencia Pride and Zill mango season is just beginning, and they look great. 
This morning I have been able to find some Lemon Meringue (PPK) and Duncan mangos, as well as Bailey's Marvel, Cogshall, Graham, Jakarta, Florigon, Van Dyke, Fairchild, Irwin, Glenn, Gary.
A few Sugar Apples have started to mature.

...I'll add more details later

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