Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Valencia Pride Special for Today

For Today, August 1....

For purchases of 20 pounds or more of Valencia Pride...$1.50 per pound
Also we have blemished fruit of several varieties for $1 per pound
All other mangos are $2 per pound
Other tropical fruit is $3 per pound

Our selection of mangos continues to be excellent.
Valencia Pride, Glenn, Haden, Cogshall, Lemon Meringue, Fairchild, Florigon, Kent, Mallika, Cushman, Irwin, Palmer, Jakarta, Duncan, Zill, Van Dyke, Tess Pollock, Graham, Gary, and still some Carrie!

Open Thursday 2-4pm

Fruit-picking Tour Sunday, August 4 at 4pm


  1. What time does the fruit picking start on Sunday?

  2. August 4 fruit-picking tour starts at 4pm. Please arrive a few minutes early.