Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Midweek Mangos

The remaining Carrie Mangos are ripening quickly.  We've picked more than 90% of the crop.  Once again ripe Carrie Mangos will be the star of what we have to sell today. 
It's very likely that this will be the last week we will have Carries this year.

Valencia Pride mangos will soon move into the top position.  Every day I'm finding more beautiful Valencia Prides.

Haden mangos are almost finished for the summer, but we will have a very good supply this week.

Also available are Dot, Fairchild, Glenn, Cogshall, Jakarta, Palmer, Irwin, Mallika, etc.

Open today, Wednesday, 4-6 pm
Open tomorrow, Thursday, 2-4 pm


  1. Hi Chris we will be there tomorrow hoping you will have nam doc mai and carrie Richard

  2. As per our conversation on Monday I am also interested in jack fruit. Specifically M1 jackfruit. My goal is to be there before closing time.

  3. We have lots of really nice Carrie mangos, but Nam Doc Mai is past its season.
    I'll check the Jak fruit again tomorrow morning, but none was ready today.