Tuesday, July 9, 2013

This Week, etc.

We are in peak season for Carrie mangos.  Some of our trees will finish producing for the year within the next ten days.  Supply is good, and many of the mangos are ripe or close to ripe.

Perhaps by Saturday the second crop of Bailey's Marvel will start to ripen.  Valencia Pride's peak season will probably be in about 2 weeks.  Most of the second crop of Jakarta, Zill Indochinese and Beverly hasn't been picked yet.  We still have some Lemon Meringue (PPK), Florigon, Duncan, Fairchild, Glenn, and Cogshall.  We are still waiting for Zill, Van Dyke, Kent, Keitt, Best, Cushman, Bombay and Pickering.

Other Fruit...
Carambola are looking and tasting great.  We grow Bell and Fwang Tung.
Sugar Apple are at least a couple weeks away from the beginning of their season.
Sapodilla are still available.
Black Sapote are few
Jak Fruit will be available for the next month, but we can't accurately predict when they will be ripe.

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