Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fruit for Wednesday, April 23

What a difference a week makes!

Last Wednesday we had one mango for sale.  This week we have a box of Rosa, a small box of Dwarf Hawaiian, some Jakarta, and a few Florigon, Nam Doc Mai and Edward.

Rosa has about three crops on it.  We are halfway through the second crop.  Saturday most of the rest of the second crop will be ready, then we will have another dry period (for Rosas) for a couple weeks until the next crop starts to ripen.

For those unfamiliar with Rosa... Rosa is a variety from Brazil.  It's named for its color.  Typically Rosa is our earliest variety of the season.  The flavor is rich, the texture firm.  The Rosa has a taste similar to the East Indian. 

The Dwarf Hawaiian is beginning its season.  The Dwarf Hawaiian might be a cross between Kent and Julie.  It's small and plump, and has quite a fan base.

As we get closer to June, more varieties should begin to ripen.  Please remember that some weeks will be better than others... there will be dips in supply

In addition to the mangos, we have one small jak fruit (Golden Pillow), caimito, black sapote, and sapodilla.

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