Monday, April 14, 2014

Tour Dates

A couple of people want to plan vacations around fruit-picking tours, so I'm posting a schedule for the summer.  Small changes are possible.
Last year tours were on select Sunday afternoons at 4pm.  Two memories persist:  Nice people, and Brutally Hot.  This year we will try beginning the tours at 5pm, and we'll offer one day other than Sunday.

Sunday, June 8

Monday, June 30 
Sunday, July 13

Sunday, July 27


  1. Hello, I'd like to find out how to reserve a tour for the June 30 date. I will be flying from Atlanta and need to know how I can be sure to get a chance to fill up a box/bag or two...with namely Gary, Carrie (Cary), Julie, and/or Graham mangos, Guinep, Lychee, and Avocado. This will be one of the highlights of my summer! Please

  2. We should have mangos, but uncertain what varieties will be available. Our avocados are winter varieties, so they won't be available. Julie and genip will not be available.
    We will probably have some lychee left, but the end of June will be the end of its season. We have only one Graham tree and one Gary tree, so its impossible to say how many fruit will be available of those varieties. We have lots of Carrie trees. But in the end of June it's possible that we might have 30 varieties of mangos ready.