Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Cleaning = Spring Savings

Organizing the shadehouse has meant re-evaluating the plants in it.  Many of the large plants will be sold for low prices.  Some have iron stains from the well water and most look a little shabby.  All should be quite happy once planted in your yard.  We have Lady Palms, Coconut Palms, some other foliage plants, Carambola and other fruit trees.

Spring cleaning has spread to the fields.  Some plants that are in the way of future mangos are big and look great.  The following are Free to a Good Home.... they have been growing in the ground for years... you'll need help...
Sabal Palms
'Hart' Carambola
'Wolf' Loquat

Saturday we will have free plumeria (frangi pangi) cuttings.

Also... nice, very large Bismarkia Nobilis is for sale, but can't be moved until July.

~I'll try to post pictures of some of these plants tomorrow~


  1. I have a 6'x6' area by the pool that I like to plant a tropical fruit tree like jack fruit , leche, sugar apple, longan or Carrie mango ect. Without the roots damaging the pool. What is your recommendation ?

  2. a small tree is best since the root system is proportional to the canopy. a sugar apple might have the smallest root system, I wouldn't plant it next to a pool because it looses all its leaves in the winter. perhaps you could consider one of the dwarf varieties of mango.

    1. I hear that Carrie mango is a dwarf tree. Is that true? What do you suggest?

  3. Carrie is a small mango tree, not dwarf. Varieties smaller than Carrie include Julie, Nam Doc Mai #4, Neelum, Pickering, Dwarf Hawaiian and Cogshall. What variety you choose depends on your taste preferences. If you love Carrie, you can keep it small with regular pruning.